About Us

How Kydra was born

Started when a team of like-minded athletes who for too long watched the sportswear industry focus on appearance and gimmicks while neglecting athletic function. That's why in 2015 we started to prepare to take sportswear in a new direction.

After hundreds of hours of research and testing, that's exactly what we've done. No more obsolete materials, flashy designs or unnecessary accessories - just precision-tailored activewear that combines the state-of-the-art technology and materials for pure athletic performance.



The story of Kydra (pronounced "kai-dra") represents the drive felt by every athlete to grow and to succeed despite the challenges they encounter.

Our name consists of two key elements:

Kai - "凱" the Mandarin word for "Victory"

Hydra - the mythical serpent that grows two heads whenever one is severed

Kydra - just like the legendary beast that inspires our name - grows stronger and claims victory despite any setback.

Our Mission

The Kydra mission is simple: to lead the latest evolution of activewear for the modern urban athlete.

Combining function and technology with a sleek and minimalistic style, creating a perfect performance package that works just as well during downtime as it does in training.

We will not compromise in our design, but instead, innovate solutions where none existed before.

We will choose the best materials that can handle anything you throw at it, and will always craft the most progressive designs. 

We will ensure our apparel is versatile enough for any kind of training - from running, swimming, cycling to tennis and gym - while offering effortless everyday casual style.

Kydra is made by athletes for athletes.

You Are Important To Us

Everyone at Kydra firmly believes in constant refinement of our products. We know perfection is unattainable without building on the feedback of our wearers, which is why we will constantly push our designs to provide the best gear at the best value.

By aligning your experience with our development, we ensure you will always be winning when wearing Kydra, no matter the odds.