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Nifty Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Kydra Shoes In Tip-top Condition

Nifty Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Kydra Shoes In Tip-top Condition

The Kydra Shoe needs no introduction to the Kydra Squad. We’ve gotten countless messages on our IG DMs and emails regarding our next restock date. Drum roll; it’s time.

Alongside Kydra’s 5th anniversary, we’re bringing in a brand new colourway featuring an all-new Navy canvas body and gum sole detail, with our classic all-white signature pair.

Made from durable cotton, the Kydra Shoe is lightweight, water repellent and perfect for everyday wear. With its non-slip rubber soles and anti-bacterial insoles, the Kydra Shoe will undoubtedly take you places – the office, dinner dates, spin classes and more. It’s no wonder the shoes are always in high demand.

No matter how durable the Kydra Shoes are, they still need some maintenance every now and then to prolong their shelf life. Read on for the best tips & tricks to keep your sneakers in excellent condition.

#1 Storage Is King

These days, there are plenty of micro dust particles in the air. These particles are so small that they’re naked to the eye, but over time, will appear prominently on white surfaces, including white shoes.

A good rule of thumb for shoe storage is to keep them lined up against other sneakers, preferably in a well-ventilated shoe cabinet or covered area.

Storing Kydra Shoes in shoe cabinet

Sneakerheads swear by applying a sneaker protector, most of the time in the form of a spray, that protects the outer canvas from additional dirt, stains and liquids.

Luckily for our classic Kydra Shoe fans, we’ve made that extremely easy with the inclusion of a water-resistant canvas top.

#2 Brush, Don't Scrub

A common misconception is that the harder you brush your shoes, the whiter and cleaner they’ll get. Take it from us - brushing too hard will loosen fabrics and give your sneakers that worn-out look way quicker than you’ll like it to!

Additionally, overbrushing of the shoe’s canvas surface will naturally reduce the shelf life of its inbuilt water-resistant feature.

Brush Kydra Shoes with a toothbrush

We recommend getting a medium-bristle shoe brush or an old toothbrush to brush the surface with light and rapid strokes gently. Choosing the right brush will ensure that the fabric doesn’t get damaged and helps work cleaning solutions deeper into the canvas fibre.

Alternatively, if your shoes are mildly dirty from natural use, gently wipe the surface with water or an alcohol-free wet wipe.

#3 Deep Clean Your Insoles

Smelly feet are common when one wears their sneakers out too often, for too long. The fear of not knowing what scent surprises you’ll face as you take your shoes off before entering someone else’s home is something we, the Kydra Team, can relate to 100%.

To combat this annoying problem, we’ve incorporated an anti-bacterial insole with the Kydra Shoe to help reduce the occurrence of this uncomfortable situation.

That said, we also recommend giving the removable insoles a deep clean every couple of months, or every month with frequent wear, to maintain their cleanliness. After each clean, supplement its freshness with a natural shoe deodoriser spray you can quickly whip up at home.

All you need is:
1 small spray bottle
2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol
4 drops tea tree or lemon essential oil

Spritz the solution on your insoles and the surface in your shoes. Let them air dry outside, preferably in the sun, for a couple of hours for a scent-free pair of kicks. 

#4 Embrace The Scuff

Scuff marks and dirt streaks on the soles of your Kydra Shoes are inevitable, with either the classic White pair or the all-new Navypair. If you’re picky to keeping them spick and span over time, efficiently deal with them with some sneaker wipes or a wet Magic Eraser, and you’ll be good to go.

Additionally, a dab of white nail polish is a fantastic quick solution for any specks of dirt that just won’t budge.

Otherwise, embrace the scuff and wear your seasoned Kydra Shoes out with pride! Every pair of new sneakers go through a ritual of breaking in. Rock on with your seasoned Kydra Shoes after and let its personality shine through.

Keep Your Shoes Looking Like New

With all these handy tips in your back pocket, confidently take your Kydra Shoes from studio to street and more with gusto and confidence. Because now you’ll know how to keep them intact.

Stock up on your favourite Kydra slip-on sneakers, in both new and classic colourways, this pre-order – we don’t want you missing out on a golden opportunity!

Let's Start On The Right Foot!
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