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Why Active Commuting is the Next Big Thing in Singapore

Why Active Commuting is the Next Big Thing in Singapore

What if we told you that you can save at least a hundred dollars a month, have two extra hours to exercise each day – all while contributing zero carbon emissions while doing? 

If that sounds good, then read on to discover why thousands have already adopted active commuting as a lifestyle choice.

What is Active Commuting?

Active commuting refers to the incorporation of physical activity in one’s commute, predominantly cycling for practical reasons, but the term also encompasses jogging, walking, and skateboarding.

It literally pays to be an active commuter. After investing in a bicycle and accompanying accessories – such as a helmet, lights, a bell, and your preferred method of carrying gear (backpack, panniers or mounted bags) – your commute costs virtually nothing, save for periodic maintenance.

Active commuting on a bike

By adopting active commuting, you can transform a hobby into a lifestyle and convert physically unproductive commute into an additional workout session that day – or two, if you actively commute both to and fro.

There are also mental wellness benefits of an active commute, since it can be immensely therapeutic to experience Singapore in a whole new way. Every journey is an opportunity to admire greenery at every turn, take in fresh sights and sounds, and feel the pulse of the city in a manner not possible on the efficiently sterile and monotonous public transportation.

How Realistic is it to Adopt Active Commuting in Singapore?

With the average trip distance undertaken by commuters in Singapore being less than 10km, the world of active commuting is pretty accessible.

At that distance, cycling at a leisurely pace would take an hour at most, and the distance can even be covered by avid runners without much trouble. This means that making your commute by bike would be perfect for active recovery days.

According to the Land Transport Authority, there are now 460km of cycling paths that criss-cross the island and strategically connect neighbourhoods to MRT stations and bus interchanges. This will double to 800km by 2023 and triple to a whopping 1,300km by 2030.

For context, you would need to cycle non-stop without sleep for more than 3 days to cover 1,300km!

Cycling in Singapore

Singapore’s hot and humid weather means that it is almost impossible to avoid sweating when attempting any form of active commuting – even those at relatively low-intensity.

This means that the availability conveniently-located shower facilities would be an prerequisite for those want to do a pre-work active commute. Cyclists will also want to that their bikes can be parked securely without causing inconvenience.

Fortunately, end-trip facilities for active commuters have already been sprouted up in some areas, and the availability of supporting infrastructure will only improve in the future. With work-from-home being the norm these days, active commuting looks to be an attractive option for the times when you do need to head to the office.

Gear that Makes Active Commuting Better

Having the right attire to keep you cool and dry throughout the journey from home to office is a worthy investment. Kydra’s latest collection of performance-oriented activewear is designed to do exactly that.

It all begins with the choice of materials. The entire #ExploreYourAdventure collection is specially engineered to be lightweight, as well as have 4-way stretch and sweat-wicking properties, ensuring you’ll remain comfortable at all times.

Interval Logo Tee in Olive
Apex Curved Hem Tee in Walnut
Resurge Muscle Tee II in Redwood

You can’t go wrong with any of the three tops: the Interval Logo Tee (which features a relaxed fit), Resurge Muscle Tee II (slim fit with stitching detail), and Apex Curved Hem Tee (which has a curved hem that improves mobility).

Here’s a tip: Those who keep relatively clean and dry work after reaching their casual dress-code workplace – think t-shirt and a blazer or hoodie – can even get away with wearing these versatile, stylish tops the entire day!

You can check out the Kydra store for more information and pick from your preferred choice of colours.

Adept 7
Elevate 6
Bolt 4

Bottoms-wise, Kydra's design team included features that any active commuter would appreciate, such as thoughtfully-placed pockets on all their shorts.

The Adept 7” Linerless Shorts are perfect for those who prefer a more minimalist, clean-cut design while still having a zippered side pocket.

Those who want liners and slits for additional mobility can choose from the Elevate 6” Lined Shorts or shorter Bolt 4” Lined Shorts II, which both come with inner side pockets stretchable enough to comfortably fit an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Never a Better Time to Being Active Commuting

Joining the active commuting movement has never been easier, so long as you are willing to give it a try, have the appropriate gear, and adhere to all the relevant road safety rules.

As if the benefits are not enough, the global pandemic has also given more reasons to be active commuters. Owning a motor vehicle aside, it is the ultimate socially-distanced mode of transport. Plus, a healthy body and strong immune system can only be a good thing.

Never a Better Time to Being Active Commuting

All you have to do is to take that first step out of your comfort zone and into the brave new world of active commuting. It will be a fulfilling, exhilarating journey.

See you out there on the street. Ride and run safe. And if you do see a fellow active commuter, don’t be a stranger!

Everyday, Every Wear
Resurge Muscle Tee II Gymwear Kydra Mauve Dune #colour_mauve dune
Resurge Muscle Tee II Gymwear Kydra Mauve Dune #colour_mauve dune
Resurge Muscle Tee II Gymwear Kydra Mauve Dune #colour_mauve dune
Resurge Muscle Tee II Gymwear Kydra Mauve Dune #colour_mauve dune
Resurge Muscle Tee II Gymwear Kydra Mauve Dune #colour_mauve dune
Resurge Muscle Tee II Tees Kydra White
Resurge Muscle Tee II Tees Kydra
Resurge Muscle Tee II Tees Kydra Redwood
Resurge Muscle Tee II Tees Kydra

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