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Lined or Linerless Shorts: Does It Actually Make a Difference?

Lined or Linerless Shorts: Does it actually make a difference?

As far as activewear is concerned, shorts often end up being under-appreciated compared to their flashier counterparts – such as tank tops, tees– due to the reduced latitude for variety in designs and features.

But whether you’re training, competing, or just hanging out, the right pair of shorts would help to keep you comfortable, protected and focused on what you’re trying to accomplish.

When buying a pair of shorts, an important decision you need to make is whether you want an inner liner or not. Here are the pros and cons of both options – and when to wear each type if you have both at your disposal.

What are liners in shorts?

Lined shorts feature an additional layer of built-in inner lining, usually made of compression fabric, which hugs your thighs for extra support and coverage.

Elevate 6
Elevate 6

Examples of this type of apparel are the Elevate 6” Lined Shorts and Bolt 4” Lined Shorts II. The Elevate 6” Lined Shorts feature extended tights for extra muscular support during high-intensity workouts. Designed for runners, the Bolt 4” Lined Shorts II have a shorter liner that does not weigh you down.

These liners are made using our Kyro Lite material, which is lightweight, sweat-wicking, and have 4-way stretch. Both shorts also come with a plethora of design features anyone would appreciate. These include adjustable drawstrings for that perfect fit, side slits for greater mobility, and pockets galore – four on the exterior and one hidden interior pocket that fits up to an iPhone 12 Pro Max, to be precise.

In contrast, linerless shorts are more minimalist, with a focus on being as lightweight and simple as possible.

Adept 7
Adept 7

The epitome of this philosophy is the Adept 7” Linerless Shorts, which are intended to be the most comfortable pair of shorts for casual wear and light workouts. They still come with conveniences like adjustable drawstrings and a 5-pocket layout, as well as being made of the best sweat-wicking, 4-way stretch fabrics.


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When are lined shorts better?

Putting inner liners in shorts provide benefits like sweat-wicking, support for your muscles, increased chaff resistance, as well as eliminating the need to wear underwear, which are not usually designed and built to keep up with the demands of high-intensity workouts.

Anti-chaffing is particularly important for endurance athletes who cover long distances, such as runners, hikers, and cyclists. The last thing you want is to be bogged down by abrasions due to inappropriate choice of clothing, since this is an entirely preventable problem.

When exercising on chilly mornings and nights, or in competition scenarios where every bit of heat from warm-ups count, liners can help wearers retain precious body heat within their muscles, allowing them to be primed and ready to perform at their best.

When you should go without liners

This could be a matter largely due to personal preference, but many who choose traditional linerless shorts do so because they don’t like the leg-hugging sensation that inner linings provide, which is similar to how compression tights feel.

The lack of skin-hugging fabric also means that your legs would feel airier and more unencumbered, which is usually a desirable trait in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

For those with particular large thighs, liners could also be uncomfortably tight or restrictive, which means linerless shorts would be an easier and more appropriate fit.

Lined vs Linerless
Lined vs Linerless

Use the right tool for the job

As you have seen above, the question of whether to go with shorts that have inner liners or not depends very much on what activities you do and to some extent, your own preferences.

Of course, if you find the respective features of each type of shorts appealing, adding both to your wardrobe would give you the ability to pick the right tool for the job, depending on what challenge you’re tackling that day.

Regardless of what you choose, Kydra has your bottoms covered with solid options for liner and linerless shorts. Head over to the Kydra store to get your pair today.

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