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The Long and Short of your Workout Shorts, Rediscovered

The Long and Short of your Workout Shorts, Rediscovered

Have you ever experienced workout wardrobe fails when you’re out exercising, and you got so frustrated you decided to cut your exercise short? Well, it’s not uncommon. (Workout pants sliding down and too-short shorts, anyone?)

Your workout clothes can affect your performance, and when it comes to shorts, there are different types of shorts for different activities.

In fact, the length of the short matters – you want a 4-inch short for running because it will not get in the way of your sprints and keep you cool, while a 7-inch short is versatile and functional for different types of exercises at the gym. 

Not only will getting the right length of shorts provide a comfortable fit for your workout, but they also make sure that you look good while you’re on the treadmill or doing deadlifts at the gym.

Here’s our guide on what length of shorts to wear for your different workouts:

1. Running & HIIT Workouts

Kydra Recommends: 4-inch Shorts

For fast-paced exercises, you want to avoid shorts that are too long because you have fabric getting in the way of your movements. These cardio-burning workouts will also result in lots of sweat, so you will require a pair of shorts that is breathable and suited for the hot weather in Singapore.

To power through those lunges and burpees, you will need shorts of the right length to provide an excellent range of motion, and that are also moisture-wicking, stretchable, and lightweight.

4 inch shorts for running
4 inch shorts for running

The Bolt 4” Lined Shorts II is best for running, HIIT, CrossFit, and calisthenics exercises. These four-inch-lined shorts are light, stretchy, and sweat-wicking. It comes with inner tights made with our signature quick-cool fabric, Kyro Lite, which will comfortably wrap around your thighs and provide you with enough support for your 500m sprint and explosive plyometric exercises. 

Despite its shorter length, the shorts have a total of five pockets to hold your keys, wallet, phone, and mask! These lightweight shorts keep air flowing and ensure comfort and mobility in your fast-paced workouts. Plus, the 4-inch length keeps you chafe-free.

2. Cycling, Rock Climbing & Yoga

Kydra Recommends: 6-inch Shorts

Activities like cycling, rock climbing, and yoga require shorts that are flexible for hip movements and not tight on the groin or quads.

As these activities demand lots of leg stretches and twists, you don’t want your shorts to be too long to impede your movements, or too short that you might expose too much skin while you’re extending your leg or placing your legs apart. 

Shorts that are too long are also going to rub against and irritate your thighs when you are engaged in these activities! We think the shorts should be a few inches above the knee, so that it is not restrictive, and you look good while you’re on the bike or in downward-facing dog. The fabric should also be breathable and not stick to you after you’ve been sweating. 

6 inch shorts for cycling
6 inch shorts for cycling

We recommend the Elevate 6” Lined Shorts for these activities. With extended tights for extra support, the Elevate 6” Lined Shorts will provide muscle support especially for your quads. It offers great compression for your leg muscles to cycle fast or build strength with a classic chair pose.

These lightweight and stretchable shorts will allow your body to move freely, and you will have no problem scaling up and down rock faces or striking your crow pose.

3. Gym, Low-intensity Sports, Casual Days

Kydra Recommends: 7-inch Shorts

7-inch shorts are the most popular length amongst men as they generally look best in them. For the average Singaporean male, these shorts will hit just right above your knees.

They’re versatile enough to wear to the gym but also work as athleisure during the day. These function as your go-to shorts in Singapore’s hot weather and are very suitable for low-intensity exercises and weightlifting.

For gym wear or just as your ‘go-anywhere’ staple, you might also want to consider the benefits of lined vs. unlined shorts. Trust us, a pair of 7-inch shorts will never go wrong for a weekend hike at the park! 

7 inch shorts for everyday wear
7 inch shorts for everyday wear

The Adept 7” Linerless Shorts is a classic, casual pair of shorts that you can wear for going anywhere – be it in the urban jungle or out in the woods. It is sweat-wicking and stretchable, which is perfect for the tropical climate in Singapore.

It features five pockets to hold your belongings and an adjustable inner drawstring that is non-restrictive. The shorts come without liners, so it is super-breathable. These linerless shorts will also be an easy fit, making it an essential workout or casual wear for your everyday needs. 

Everyday, Every Wear

Men’s shorts come in various lengths and styles, and it is worth taking the time to select a good pair of shorts for your active needs. Finding a pair of shorts that is comfortable for you and your workout also comes down to your own personal preferences.

You might like to wear running shorts to cycle outdoors because it’s hot and you want something shorter, or you prefer a 7-inch on a treadmill because you want to do strength training later and a 7-inch short will be more functional.

Shopping for a new pair of shorts should be fun – it can motivate you to meet your fitness goals and give you that self-esteem boost. A fresh pair of well-fitting shorts will also optimize your exercising efficiency and allow you to get more out of your workout. 

The baseline? Choose what works best for you and own it. Wear your shorts with confidence.

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