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Shopping Online for Athleisure Gear:
What These Key Product Features Actually Mean

Shopping Online for Athleisure Gear:  What These Key Product Features Actually Mean?

When browsing the Kydra online store for their next performance apparel purchase, some fans told us that they sometimes come across terms in the product feature list that might be unfamiliar.

As creepy as it might sound, we really wish we could be looking over your shoulder and offer quick explanations on what they mean, and help you make an informed choice on which items would be the most suitable choice for your use case.

But, until the scientists invent a hologram, here’s the next best thing: a deep-dive into all our carefully-designed product features and what they mean for your active lifestyle.


As any professional athlete would tell you, sweat management is essential to maintaining performance over the entire duration of your workout.

As we all know, our bodies excrete sweat on the surface of our skin when we exercise. Our body then cools down as sweat evaporates. Clothes that do not absorb and then dissipate moisture can mess up the body’s temperature regulation efforts.

Sweat-wicking Tee

Sweat gets trapped between the skin and the fabric of your clothes, not allowing sweat to evaporate and contributing to increased odours. Your body then sweats and loses even more moisture in an attempt to regulate its temperature. The combination of moisture loss and increased temperatures lead to a deterioration of performance.

Kydra’s technical fabrics feature sweat-wicking properties to keep you performing at your best. The sweat-wicking material rapidly draws moisture away from your body and onto the large external surface area for quick evaporation. This keeps you cooler and drier for longer.

Sweat-wicking apparel is also perfect for use in daily life, where its ability to absorb and dissipate sweat is sure to be appreciated in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

Peached fabric

If you see a product that has been peached, rest assured that it doesn’t mean that any peaches were harmed in the production of the apparel.

Instead, peached fabrics have been processed with a special finishing technique, which leaves them feeling softer to the touch and more comfortable to wear. The skin-facing side of Kydra’s peached fabrics has a texture akin to soft velvet, which is exactly as luxurious and as it sounds.

Peached finish on activewear

Upon close inspection, clothes that have been peached have a slightly fuzzy appearance. Crucially however, the peaching process does not diminish the material’s performance in moisture absorbance, which means you can wear them comfortably all-day, every day, while performing at your best for longer.


Bacteria is the main culprit of bad-smelly odours. And a common problem with many cheap synthetic materials today is that bacteria are trapped within the fibres. Over time, this bacteria grows and leads to foul odours that easily reappear during use – despite efforts at washing.

Kydra’s solution to this problem is to make apparel using fabrics that have been woven and infused with anti-bacterial properties at the initial stage of clothing production. Because the anti-bacterial treatment is applied at the level of fibres, they are more permanent, durable and effective than surface coatings.

Enjoy the apparel you love for longer and have the same odour-free experience whether it is your first wear or fiftieth wear.

4-way stretch

Whatever workouts you do – whether it is yoga, weightlifting, or running – you need your clothes to allow you to perform the full range of the required movement. Not doing so might hamper your progress at best, and lead to injury at worst.

4-way stretch shorts

Understanding how apparel stretch is therefore crucial to help you choose the appropriate gear. On one end, you have 1-way stretch fabrics, which only stretch on one axis (length-wise or width-wise, but not both) and do not recover. 2-way stretch fabrics are slightly better, allowing for stretch and recovery on a single axis.

Apparel that use 4-way stretch fabrics can stretch and recover both length-wise and width-wise, providing the greatest freedom of movement, while having superior shape retention and durability. This is an important feature to look out for when purchasing activewear.


As its name suggests, relaxed-fit tops have a looser cut, providing the wearer with extra space and more breathing room. This extra space provided is not only more comfortable, but also comes in handy for activities that require a lot of movement and flexibility.

The relaxed fit is also perfect for those for whom tighter-fitting clothes might not yet look flattering, concealing any extra curves. Do note that a relaxed fit isn’t loose to the point of bagginess, so it does not look sloppy nor lead to abrasions and chafing.

Relaxed fit and slim fit comparison

Slim-fit apparel is perfect for those who have a slimmer profile or want their tops to hug their silhouette. A popular staple in casual wear, Kydra has brought this same cut to their performance wear, which have a stylish taper in the midsection and waist.

Thanks to the 4-way stretch material, you won’t be compromising on flexibility no matter which cut you choose. This means you can still crush your workouts as you look fabulous in your well-fitting tops.

Bringing The Latest Innovations To You

Our team has worked hard to deploy the latest innovations in materials, manufacturing and design to benefit wearers of our apparel. The awesome product features in this article can be found in our latest collection.

We hope you will enjoy wearing and using your Kydra gear for a long time to come.

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