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Hidden Hiking Trails in Singapore to Captivate Your Adventurous Soul

Hidden Hiking Trails in Singapore You Should Check Out Next

Singapore is one of the cities with extensive greenery and plenty of outdoor trails amidst skyscrapers and bustling streets. While most Singaporeans would be familiar with popular hiking trails like MacRitchie Reservoir Park, there are some off-trodden paths and forgotten trails that prove to be a gem for nature lovers and adventurous souls! 

If you’re wondering where else to hike or would like to go for something a little more off-the-grid, we’ve got a list of hidden hiking trails you should check out next.

Keppel Hill Reservoir 

Keppel Hill Reservoir

Keppel Hill Reservoir | Image Credit: The Occasional Traveller

Located in the Harbourfront area near Keppel Hill Road, Keppel Hill Reservoir is known as the “forgotten reservoir” because it disappeared from Singapore’s maps from the 1950s. It has a stunning pool of water that is picture-perfect and a mysterious war bunker that is built during WWII. Fun fact – this location is also popular with paranormal hunters, but if you’re here in the day, don’t sweat over it.

Difficulty getting there: 2/5

Getting to Keppel Hill Reservoir was surprisingly easy. It is a straight path from Keppel Hill Road before you take the left fork at the juncture that brings you to the gate of No. 11 Keppel Hill. Keep right from there, overcome some foliage, and you will see the fairytale-like reservoir.

Intensity: 3/5

You might have to bend your neck to pass through some low-hanging branches to get to the picturesque reservoir, but it’s a straightforward path.

However, if you want to check out the Japanese Tomb, the Seah Im Bunker, or reach the top of Mount Faber, you will have to climb a steep path that can be quite challenging (and muddy!). It is not a long hike but get ready a good pair of trekking shoes! 

Seah Im Bunker

Seah Im Bunker | Image Credit: TimeOut

Views: 4/5

Take lots of pictures at the forgotten reservoir; it’s stunning with light streaming down from above. The abandoned war bunker is also worth a visit – turn on your flashlight, head inside the bunker, and be transported back in time! 

Estimated Completion Time

The whole area takes about an hour to explore but do factor in another hour to climb down and head back to where you started.

Pearl’s Hill City Park

Pearl’s Hill City Park

Pearl's Hill City Park | Image Credit: @lnmjstn

If you’re in town and looking for a quick nature getaway, Pearl’s Hill City Park is a hidden green space that will provide you with that brief respite. A serene nature spot with a small reservoir at the top, this heritage hill is also named after the commander of the ship which brought Raffles to Singapore in 1819.

Difficulty getting there: 1/5

It’s a 5-minute walk from Outram Park MRT Station – that’s how easy it is.

Intensity: 1/5

It is a little trek up the hill with clean pavements and a clear path – very much unlike Keppel Hill Reservoir or Clementi Forest. This is perfect for those who prefer a quiet stroll with their partner away from the crowd. 

Views: 3/5

The pond at the top of the hill is a cute home to terrapins and fishes. As a tranquil nature spot, one can observe birds and small animals if they’re attentive enough. The heritage Bodhi Tree also provides a nice shade when you’ve reached the summit, and you’ll be greeted with a spectacular view of the city skyline too.

Estimated Completion Time

Thirty minutes would be enough to roam around this peaceful park.

Kranji Marshes

Kranji Marshes Raptor Tower

Raptor Tower at Kranji Marshes | Image Credit: @visit_singapore

With over 56 hectares of land, Kranji Marshes is the largest freshwater marshland in Singapore. If you’ve not been there, you would think that Kranji Marshes is a barren wetland full of slushy soil and waterlogged plants. However, what awaits is sprawling natural landscapes and curated boardwalks and shelters! 

Difficulty getting there: 3/5

To get to Kranji Marshes, take a 20-minute ride with the Kranji Express Bus from Kranji MRT Station and alight at D’Kranji Farm Resort. Upon reaching the resort, walk to the main exit of D’Kranji and head towards your right. You’ll see Kranji Marshes in no time.

Intensity: 2/5

There isn’t much shade at the Kranji Marshes except for the shelters, so be prepared to slather on sunblock and hydrate as the sun will be scorching. Otherwise, the trail is rather straightforward and spans slightly more than 1km.

Kingfisher Burrow at Kranji Marshes

Kingfisher Burrow at Kranji Marshes | Image Credit: Steve Caffyn

Views: 4/5

With its wide array of flora and fauna, Kranji Marshes is the perfect place for birdwatchers and nature lovers! There are over 200 species of resident and migratory birds – so make sure you bring along your binoculars to spot those aerial creatures.

The raptor tower is a photogenic landmark that will give you a panoramic view of the marshes (and it’s also a good location to birdwatch!). If you’re looking for an arresting backdrop, the Kingfisher Burrow makes for a good Instagram shot.

Estimated Completion Time

An hour is enough to finish the trail and sights, but we recommend an additional hour if you’re into birdwatching and observing the wildlife! 

Clementi Forest

Clementi Forest

Clementi Forest| Image Credit: Mothership

There has recently been a lot of interest in Clementi Forest as a “hidden hiking location” with the gone-viral cinematic drone footage showing its raw, untouched greenery. It’s quite literally a forest and has attracted the likes of serious hikers and nature enthusiasts.

Be extra careful if you’re looking to explore this trail – this forest is currently not intended for recreational purposes and can pose safety concerns to hikers. The National Parks Board (NParks) is planning to create designated nature trails soon, and perhaps that might be a better time to visit. 

Difficulty getting there: 2/5

There are a few starting points, so Clementi Forest isn’t too ulu. The bus stop opposite Ngee Ann Poly is a convenient place to start. Go to the back of the bus stop and you will see a canal, which is also the entry point into the forest. 

Intensity: 5/5

With towering plants, thick foliage, and mud that can be ankle-deep, it is best to wear protective clothing and bring along some insect repellent. There are many slippery and steep slopes – one could even fall while trudging through the mud! It'll be a rugged experience indeed.

Tunnel opposite Maju Camp

Tunnel opposite Maju Camp | Image Credit: The Travel Intern

Views: 4/5

The open valleys, lush vegetation, and mountainous trees pretty much make up the views of Clementi Forest. Pay attention too to the surrounding plants and foliage and get in touch with Mother Nature.

The old railway tracks are also of interest to history buffs, and the tunnel under the bus stop (opposite Maju Camp) makes for a nice Instagram picture to end your adventure.

Estimated Completion Time

The trail takes about 1.5 hours to complete; but for those who want to appreciate the sights and may struggle a little more with the terrain, give yourself more time. 

Ready To Unlock Your Adventure?

From forested hills, boardwalk trails, to sparkling reservoirs, you can certainly take your pick here and explore these underrated outdoor trails. Adventure is waiting for you and it’s time to take the road less travelled!

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