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Kyro Lite: The Apparel Upgrade Men Didn’t Know They Needed

Kyro Lite: The Apparel Upgrade Men Didn’t Know They Needed

The athleisure trend is a relatively new development in the convergence of fashion and fitness. It is no longer uncommon to see people wearing their workout gear everywhere to perform a wide range of tasks other than exercising.

But if we think about it, generations of Singaporean men have been wearing their SAF-issued singlets, shorts and sport shoes for everything in life – from exercising in neighbourhood parks, to grocery shopping in markets, or just hanging out at home.

As a tribute to these true pioneers of athleisure, Kydra has created a new men’s collection using Kyro Lite, a spin on our signature Kyro fabric.

This series was designed to provide a noticeable upgrade in comfort, performance and appearance for Singaporean men – without compromising the do-it-all versatility and simplicity that they love.

What is Kyro Lite?

The foundation of any collection starts in the choice of fabric. Kydra fans would already be familiar with Kyro, our signature quick-cool fabric that until now has been used exclusively in our Women’s range.

In consultation with Kydra enthusiasts from all walks of life, our development team created Kyro Lite – an adapted version produced specifically for men, that we have introduced into our new collection.

Kyro Lite shares Kyro’s most-loved features, such as being ultra-breathable, quick-cooling and quick-drying. The difference is that Kyro Lite does all of the above, while being surprisingly light and yet durable.

The enhanced lightness makes it super comfortable during physical activities, as well as being the perfect companion for wearing all-day in Singapore’s tropical climate. That’s why we believe that Kyro Lite gear would be ideal replacements for your SAF-issued apparel for all your athleisure needs.

Kyro Lite vs Kyro: Comparison Chart
Kyro Lite vs Kyro: Comparison Chart

Your SAF Shorts vs Kyro Lite Shorts

As much as the venerable SAF admin pants and PT shorts are popular, their shortcomings should not be overlooked. For starters, these shorts were not made with specific workouts in mind. Furthermore, the materials used aren’t exactly the most comfortable, nor do they absorb sweat well. This makes them sub-optimal for intense, sweaty workouts – which we all know, are the best kind.

Another major issue is the cut of the bottoms, which do not feature any lining. This increases the likelihood of abrasions during high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions, which is unnecessary and totally avoidable.

Bolt 4

On the other hand, the new Bolt 4” Lined Shorts II and Elevate 6” Lined Shorts are made with Kyro Lite, which have linings that provide support and hug your legs seamlessly like a second skin, and the side slit design boosts mobility even further.

With sweat-wicking and 4-way stretch, these Kyro Lite-powered shorts will keep you comfortable and performing your best at whatever task you choose to tackle – whether that’s housework, intense HIIT sessions, or training for your yearly Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT).

Give Your Closet An Upgrade Today

At Kydra, we’ve always worked very hard to engineer the best apparel that all city-dwellers like yourself would be happy to own and use, and the Kyro Lite range continues this proud tradition.

You can choose from the ultra-light Bolt 4” Lined Shorts II or the Elevate 6” Lined Shorts, which has extended tights for greater support. Aside from utilitarian considerations, both shorts have been carefully crafted to be flattering for Asian proportions and come in tasteful, easy to wear colours.

Bolt 4
Elevate 6

Either way, you can’t go wrong with these versatile shorts that complement your active lifestyle, providing you with unmatched comfort, convenience, and durability for a long time to come. And if you want to go all the way, we suggest you look at our tanks and tees so that your torso would look, feel and perform as nicely as your bottoms do.

In the civilian world, you’re charge of your own gear, so make your orders today.

#ExploreYourAdventure drops 19 August, 12 nn.

Preview The Collection
Elevate Your Gear Today
Resurge Muscle Tee II Gymwear Kydra Mauve Dune #colour_mauve dune
Resurge Muscle Tee II Gymwear Kydra Mauve Dune #colour_mauve dune
Resurge Muscle Tee II Gymwear Kydra Mauve Dune #colour_mauve dune
Resurge Muscle Tee II Gymwear Kydra Mauve Dune #colour_mauve dune
Resurge Muscle Tee II Gymwear Kydra Mauve Dune #colour_mauve dune
Resurge Muscle Tee II Tees Kydra White
Resurge Muscle Tee II Tees Kydra
Resurge Muscle Tee II Tees Kydra Redwood
Resurge Muscle Tee II Tees Kydra

Resurge Muscle Tee II [Mauve Dune][S/XL]

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