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Pro Tips For Styling Your Neon Workout Clothes

The Best Tips To Styling Neon Workout Clothes

The new year is rife with the promise of new challenges and adventures, and Kydra is determined to help you stand out in bigger, bolder colours.

In line with all your New Year, Better Me goals, Kydra launched a brand new female collection – Dare To Explore With Kydra. The all-new line plays with daring colour combinations while also staying true to the same signature colour spectrum that the Kydra Squad knows and loves - warm-toned and cool-toned shades to flatter every skin shade.

This exclusive Kydra line is designed to help Singaporeans be their most fun and active selves, featuring pops of bright neon colours which can either stand on their own or be paired with more muted and neutral hues.

The Colour Psychology Behind Neon

You might be asking yourself - why neon? Well, not only is neon one of the hottest new trends in the fashion world right now but it’s also been used in workout clothes for years! The infusion of this hot trend into a wardrobe of neutral tones is sure to spice things up.

The Colour Psychology Behind Neon

Neon colours are so bright and visually stimulating that they can make your brain feel more energetic, which is perfect for the days you have to drag yourself out of bed and into the gym. In fact, adding neon colours to a fitness centre or cardio space is known to give people the energy they need to get through a workout.

Neon Styling Recommendations

At first, it might feel intimidating to try and style a neon piece with the rest of your workout clothes. After all, you don’t want your gym #OOTD to be completely overpowering and distracting. While it’s great to be on-trend, your style most definitely needs to be within your comfort levels.

But styling neon clothes is easier than it sounds, whether you opt for subtly incorporating some bright shades in or completely embracing a neon colour palette and taking your look all the way!

Method #1: It's All About Balance

For warm-toned clothes

Zoom 2

The key to the most stylish and eye-catching of outfits is balance. Balance and anchor your neon workout clothes with softer and more neutral everyday wear pieces.

For instance, try pairing our Zoom 2” Lined Shorts in the vibrant and warm-toned Bubblegum with the minimalist Swift Crop Tank II in the shade Iris Blue. The classic crop tank features drapes that will naturally accentuate your body and movements while offsetting the vibrancy of the Zoom 2” Lined Shorts.

For cool-toned clothes

Dakota Bra + Zoom 2

If you prefer cool-toned clothes like bright blues and lavenders, then a neon piece can add an extra, unexpected pop of colour and fun to your outfit. Our cool-toned Dakota bra in Coastal features a flattering scoop neckline with a contemporary diamond back design.

This dark blue Dakota bra pairs perfectly with the Zoom 2’’ shorts in Lime, and together the pieces create a striking and downright funky ensemble.

Method #2: Have A Statement Piece

You really can’t go wrong with making a neon-coloured piece the star of your outfit! This way is quite simple and striking and doesn’t require too much intensive styling on your end - perfect for those lazy Sunday morning workouts!

Core Bra in Neon Pink

The Core Bra in Neon Pink should be your quintessential neon statement piece, with its brilliant pink hue that’s guaranteed to make heads turn your way. The bra itself is perfect for medium-impact activities like yoga and HIIT with its high-support design.

Cross Back Tee in Lime

However, if you’re looking for a more full-coverage statement piece, the Lime Cross-Back Tee just became your new best friend. A best-seller our Kydra Squad swears by, this tee features a relaxed silhouette and an attractive peekaboo back design.

You’re making these neon workout pieces the star of your outfits, not the sidekick. So the key here is to pair your statement piece with a simple counterpart that won’t take attention away from it. Opt for the Kora Pocket Leggings in Black for a classic look, or in Deep Ocean for a slight tonal twist.

Method #3: Make It Subtle

If you’re feeling a little bit of trepidation about wearing neon clothes, then you could always try a more subtle approach - something that’s more “you”.

Dakota Bra in Carmine

The key to personalising this trend is to tone down those vibrant neon shades with neutrals and darker-toned clothes. You could even pick neon shades that aren’t quite as eye-catching such as our gorgeous muted Nova Midline Bra in the shade Tangerine or the Dakota bra in the shades Carmine and Buttercup.

These are all attractive options for those who appreciate the vibrancy of a neon colour palette yet aren’t quite ready to make it the focus of their whole outfit. The bras pair perfectly with black Kyro Mesh Leggings, which come with a high waist and panels of mesh ventilation to stay comfortable and stylish throughout your sweat session.

Have Fun With It!

Although incorporating neon workout clothes might seem like a departure from what you’re used to, it can also be a fun and funky way to express yourself. As always, the most important thing to remember is to be confident with what you wear and to have fun in your Kydra gear!

Let's Make It Pop
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_deep ocean
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_deep ocean
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_deep ocean
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_deep ocean
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_deep ocean
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_deep ocean
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_navy
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_navy
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_navy
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_navy
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_navy
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_black
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_black
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_black
Trinity Fitted Tee tees Kydra #colour_black

Trinity Fitted Tee

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