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Confidently Jazz Up Your Outfit Based On Your MBTI Personality

Confidently Jazz Up Your Outfit Based On Your MBTI Personality

Do you struggle to find a style that feels uniquely "you" when it comes to workout fashion? The endless array of options compounded with the many trends can undoubtedly be confusing!

Here's a fresh take - trends come and go, but there's a high chance that if you match your clothes to your personality type, you'll be able to plan your workout wardrobe much more effortlessly and feel confident in the clothes you pick!

Enter the Mother of all Personality Tests

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most widely used psychological tools globally. Quite simply, it assesses your personality type through a detailed questionnaire. Then, based on four main personality preference areas, 16 personality types are recognised.

The test results usually highlight your personality type, as identified with a combination of letters. This identification can be quite valuable in understanding yourself and others. As your personality can change with your lifestyle and age, many take this test again after a few years. 

The MBTI - Personal Style Connection

Apart from our personality, many things influence our sense of style. Amongst others, trends, peers, upbringing, and culture may be subconscious influencers.

MBTI Outfit Styling

However, a quick peep into your closet, and you may be surprised to find that your wardrobe does, in fact, reflect your MBTI personality! And how cool would it be to understand how to dress to match your unique personality?

For starters, if you don't know your MBTI personality type yet, click here to do the test.

Next, match your MBTI type to our handy guide here: 


The Charismatic Idealist

You're a free-spirited and creative soul, marching to the beat of your own drum.

No one tells you what to wear or how to wear it! Similarly, your style is highly individualist, unique and fun. Strong, edgy pieces fit your personality like a glove.

Make that splash with the Nova Midline Bra teamed with the Zoom 2" Lined Shorts in a neon shade, and you're ready to shine!


The Romantic Dreamer

You are an idealist at heart, a gentle, creative soul and ever the romantic. While you follow current trends and styles, you are more likely to steer clear of any loud extravagant ones. You opt for more subtle trends while keeping the colour palette harmonious and subtle.

Subtle romantic styles are your thing. You stamp your personal touch on your wardrobe, perhaps with a unique piece of jewellery.

Kyro's Mesh Leggings in Celestial, paired with a Savannah Tank in Lemon, will totally vibe with your style.


The Visionary Innovator

Eclectic personalities like yours are often inventive, curious, imaginative and enthusiastic. It is no wonder that your choices may include quirky and daring pieces!

You pull off those slightly offbeat outfits effortlessly and make them look amazing. You don't view fashion as essential, preferring to focus on other things - comfort and ease being most important. Yet your choices often have subtle hints of quirkiness.

For you, dear mavericks, the Dakota or Core Bra make a perfect pair with some boyfriend jeans or denim shorts.


The Confident Professional

You are all about dressing for the win, often pulling together outfits that exude success.

Yet you are also a minimalist and prefer the classics as these can be utilised repeatedly. You don't always give in to trends or fads of the moment.

Go for gold with our Trinity Fitted Crop Tee with a pencil skirt to exude killer professionalism and minimalism at the workplace.


The Artistic Performer

Much to the envy of others, you always look effortlessly chic!

Your individuality oozes through your style choices ever so easily, consistently comfortable yet coordinated and sexy! You make even the simplest item of clothing instantly stylish.

The Zoom 2" Lined Shorts paired with a Core Bra or Coraline Crop Top is right up your alley. 


The Outgoing Realist

You are an action addict!

You will go in search of clothing that fits your lifestyle - breathable, loose-fitting and suited for adventure. Anything likely to hold you back is a huge no-no. Practical and casual is your styling inspiration – athleisure was made for you.

Take it from us; our classic Cross Back Tee with Kora Pocket Leggings will ensure you are ever ready for adventure and look fab at the same time.


The Nurturing Caregiver

If being sophisticated yet approachable and friendly describe you, you're probably a nurturing caregiver.

You gravitate towards comfortable and classic pieces that will be stylish today, as well as years down the line. The occasional fast fashion piece may sneak its way into your wardrobe, but that's ok!

However, looking your best is essential. You tend to accessorize to keep things fresh. A Swift Crop Tank II and Kyro Mesh Leggings pairing is up your alley.


The Practical Traditionalist

You are the reliable and hardworking type and crave functionality and practicality. These traits are also reflected in your style choices. You dress for the occasion and look the part.

Minimalist pieces feature heavily in your closet, so you can mix and match for any occasion.

Our Kora Pocket Leggings are just the thing for you, paired with any of our tanks & tees, providing you with practical and functional comfort.

Girl, You Do You

If you are traditionally an Outgoing Realist but feel like being an Artistic Performer, you go ahead and do it, we say!

While your style can be linked to your MBTI personality type, don't let that hold you back from exploring everything that's out there.

Notably Your Style
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