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3 Easy Tests To Tell Your Skin Undertones

How to tell your skin undertones: Three quick tests to test if you're cool, warm or neutral

Have you always wondered why some colours make you look completely washed out, yet others radiate a glow as if you've just returned from the perfect beach holiday? Did you notice that girl in gym class who's always in that lovely shade of pink -- the one with the always-on post-workout radiance? Why do some people look naturally sunkissed all the time, yet others look like they got the Kpop idol glass skin overnight?

Well, we think it has to do with the undertones of your skin. Understanding your true undertone will help you explore the right colours to wear and make your shopping a breeze, from here on. Your skin’s undertone is the colour beneath the surface and there are essentially three different types: warm, cool and neutral.

Here are three quick tests to identify which skin undertone you have.

Vein Test

If they look bluer, you have cool undertones.

If the veins look greenish, you’re warm.

If you can't make out whether your veins are blue or green, you're neutral!

Jewelry Test

If you have cool undertones, silver will look good on you.

If you have warm undertones, gold will work better.

If both work well on you, then you're neutral!

Sun Test

Cool undertones tend to burn fast.

Warm undertones should tan quickly.

If it's a bit of both, then you're neutral.

Now that you've identified your skin undertone, here's a quick guide to pick the best colours the next time you go shopping for clothes!

Warm Undertones
Ava Bra in Wildberry

Lean towards yellows, yellow-greens (olive, we're looking at ya), warm reds, pinks, oranges and browns! Let the colours of nature flatter your skin.

Blues, greys and anything with a cool-tone can quickly dull your look and vibe.

Cool Undertones
Ava Bra in Ultramarine

Colours that will make your skin look dewy and glow are blues – both light and dark, light purples, and bluish-red and bluish-green shades.

Stay away from loud colours like bright reds and bright yellows as they can easily wash you out.

Neutral Undertones
Sierra Midline Kyro Bra and Kyro Helix Leggings in Merlot

(A mix of warm and cool undertones)

Lucky you! With both warm and cool skin undertones, you can wear almost any shade that appeals to you, so it's up to you if you prefer cooler tones or warmer shades. Some colours do have a bit of both in them, for example, Merlot and Dark Navy.

Colour swatches - explore new colour crushes
Colour swatches - explore new colour crushes

Style Tip: Go for warm shades if you have cool undertones and cool shades if you have warm undertones.

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