2-in-1 Flex Shorts v3.0

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The 2-in-1 Flex Shorts are back, and they just got better! These gym shorts will definitely be replacing your wardrobe.

In the v3.0, the pocket now fits most large phones (Google Pixel 2XL). In addition, the new and improved drawcord, as well as the water repellent outer layer, allows for more functional usage. From its quick-drying stretchable fabric to its specially designed pockets with abrasion resistant seams, this pair of shorts allows for full movement and can withstand the harshest treatment. It comes built-in with our unique pair of breathable inner tights, making it possible to go commando. Wear them as you hit the gym, and head out straight to a date or hang with friends. We’d wear these gym shorts to death. It's no wonder they’re a hit.



  • Water Repellent Fabric: Spill some water, wine and sweat. All liquids will slip right off your new shorts.
    Built-in Tights:
    Provides support regardless of the activity. Feel good, go free anywhere, everywear.
    Ventilation Panels:
    We’ve added specially designed vents to keep you cool throughout the day.
    Water Resistant Media Pocket: Tuck in your media devices snugly even while you run or perform a squat.
    Ballistic Mesh Pockets: The side and back pockets are cut and tear resistant, keeping your coins in place while enhancing overall breathability.
    Secure Card Pockets: Store your cards and keys safely in this hidden pocket.

    Model wears a size M.

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