Liner-less Flex Shorts v2.0

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Onyx Black


They say tough times never last, but Kydra Flex Shorts do. Our liner-less Flex Shorts v2.0 are built without any inner tights, specifically made to give you the comfort and functionality you need on your daily workout. The fabric offers a generous amount of stretch; its quick drying and superb moisture-wicking capabilities come with reinforced abrasion resistant seams. We’ve paid attention to the tiny details; mesh pockets, inner slots and a special media pockets are added so your essentials are secure in place. From your deepest squats to your longest run, we’ve got you covered.



  • Ventilation Panels: We’ve added specially designed vents to keep you cool throughout the day.
    Water Resistant Media Pocket: Tuck in your media devices snugly even while you run or perform a squat.
    Ballistic Mesh Pockets: The side and back pockets are cut and tear resistant, keeping your coins in place while enhancing overall breathability.
    Secure Card Pockets: Store your cards and keys safely in this hidden pocket.

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