Stay FIT Anytime, Anywhere.

A Kydra & Ritual Partnership.

Always on the lookout for ways and means to help you explore an active lifestyle, we're excited to partner Ritual Gym!

 Just like how our activewear has been designed to make you look and feel good everywear, the signature Ritual Workouts are crafted to be efficient, fuss-free and completed in just 20 minutes -- perfect for busy urban athletes and city dwellers like you and I.

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No Fluff, Just Science.

At both Ritual and Kydra, we believe and stick to the fuss-free, no-nonsense stuff that works.

You already know how our signature lightweight, breathable fabric, Kyro, has been built to work for all your sweaty workout sessions, whether you're a professional sport instructor or just starting your #fitspo journey.

Now explore Ritual Gym and their renowned Ritual Workouts.

Consisting of fundamental HIIT moves that work most efficiently, the 20-minute sessions are a lung-busting combination of strength training and cardio that will build muscle, burn fat and keep you going back for more. Why risk injury doing complicated movements when the basics are all you need for balanced overall development, resilience and health?

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Here are some tips we curated to help you kickstart your workout ritual.

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30 Days With Ritual FIT

Gear up in KYDRA and get your 30 minutes Ritual workout in. Anywhere, anytime.

Get fitter with Ritual FIT. Home workout app for everyone.

- Daily 30-minute HIIT workouts
- Personalised based on your fitness level and goals
- Next-generation audio coaching
- No equipment option available

Available on: App Store & Google Play

Sounds good?

Here's your chance to enjoy 30 days of Ritual Fit for FREE (U.P $17.98/month).

1. Tap the link below
2. Select "Monthly plan"
3. Key in Promo Code: KYDRASQUAD
4. Sign up to activate your free access

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