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About Us | KYDRA Activewear Singapore | Activewear for Urban Athletes

We envision the athlete of tomorrow to be confident and empowered. We are growing a community of individuals that come together with a common goal to achieve their best.

We created Kydra for people like us. Our plans and schedules are constantly changing. One moment you’re in a business meeting, and next you’re in the gym for yoga. What you wear should be versatile and adaptable for the different situations you may face as you go about your day. You shouldn’t have to plan your day around worrying about how many outfits you need, when you can just bring one.

As athletes ourselves, we understand how technical apparel feels and would love to wear them at all times. From the gym to your next favourite travel destination, we will be there for you so that you never have to sacrifice comfort and performance for style. What you wear should be able to keep up with you, while looking like you’re dressed the part. We want to be your perfect partner everyday, everywear.