Featuring inspiring local athletes.

KYDRA High-intensity Activewear Men

You Are Your Only Limit

Elijah Ong is a full-time fitness instructor at CRU68. He coaches a variety of high-intensity classes like Boxing, HIIT and Spin. HIIT all the right spots with Elijah as he works out fully-decked in KYDRA.

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KYDRA Mid-intensity Activewear Women

Find Your Rhythm

Queenie is a Senior Spin Instructor at Revolution and an Instructor at Barry's. She is known for being active in the local fitness scene as well as in other countries. Find your rhythm with Queenie as she gears up for a spin.

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KYDRA low-intensity Activewear Women

Your Place In This World

Mila is an Actress and Yoga Enthusiast. Calm and collected, she embodies the essence of Yoga - control and precision. Flow with Mila as she finds her place in these hectic times.

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KYDRA Versatile and Functional Activewear Unisex

Everyday, Everywear

Follow through the lives of 3 local fitness enthusiasts as they go from street to studio, day out to work out in their versatile and functional activewear.

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KYDRA Running Cycling HIIT Activewear Men

Explore Your Adventure

Follow Nick, Mark and Tobes as they gear up before trail-blazing their adventures. What's your adventure?

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