Our Technology

Featuring a myriad of properties such as quick-cool, high-support and lightweight, our high-performance and functional activewear are designed to be worn for your high-impact workouts, yoga practice, or simply everyday, every wear.

Our Materials

At Kydra, we are dedicated to developing gear to last in (and for) the long run. 

We are continuously improving our activewear fit for the Asian physique, alongside creating timeless colour palettes and classic designs that will withstand the test of time. We source the best materials to support you through high-performance workouts, everyday activities, and daily wear.

Keep Your Cool With

Kyro Fabric

Our signature lightweight, breathable fabric. Loved by the local fitness scene. Built with comfort to minimise distraction, for all your sweaty workouts.

Stronger than ever, with

Kora Fabric

The right formula of support and comfort for anything high-impact. Loved by the local fitness scene. Allow yourself to focus on exploring your active life, while we focus on supporting you.

Stay Cosy With

Komi Fabric

Our softest and comfiest fabric yet. Loved by the local fitness scene. Designed with minimalism and style in mind, for all your casual workouts.

What's the Difference