Stay Cool With Kyro

Our lightest, most breathable fabric.

Key Features

Experience unmatched comfort during your workouts with our signature Kyro fabric, boasting a lightweight technology that feels feather-light on your skin while providing the support you need to conquer your fitness goals.


Unparalleled breathability with our signature Kyro fabric, designed to keep you cool and comfortable, allowing your skin to breathe during your most demanding workouts.


Stay cool and dry throughout your workout with our signature Kyro fabric, equipped with quick-dry technology that wicks away moisture, ensuring you stay fresh and comfortable, no matter how intense your session gets.


Stay cool and refreshed in our signature Kyro fabric with quick-cool technology, specially crafted to combat the tropical heat and keep you comfortable in hot and humid weather.

The Kyro Fabric

It's more than a second skin

Engineered for comfort in heat, the Kyro fabric is constructed to be lightweight and breathable for activities of all sorts. Infused with a quick-cool technology, Kyro dries quickly during your sweatiest workouts as you get ready for your next sprint.

Kyro As Seen On

At KYDRA, we believe that working out can be fun. Explore our community of fitness lovers and see how they have been styling their Kyro pieces. Scroll through the gallery to see the featured items!

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