Stronger Than Ever With Kora

The perfect formula of support and comfort for anything high-impact.

Key Features

Enhance your performance with our signature Kora fabric, offering high-compression support for a sculpted and comfortable fit during your intense workouts.

Flattering Fit

Experience a flattering fit like never before - Kora is designed to accentuate your curves and provide unparalleled comfort during every move.


Stay comfortably dry throughout your workout with our Kora fabric's advanced sweat-wicking technology, engineered to keep you feeling fresh and confident in every movement.


Experience lasting freshness with our Kora fabric, equipped with an anti-bacterial feature to keep you feeling clean and confident throughout your workout.

The Kora Fabric

Hugs in all the right places

Without sacrificing breathability or comfort. In fact, Kora was designed with this in mind. Fits like a high-waisted glove, for that snug and compressive feel.

Kora As Seen On

At KYDRA, we believe that working out can be fun. Explore our community of fitness lovers and see how they have been styling their Kora pieces. Scroll through the gallery to see the featured items!

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