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3 Major Things You're Doing Wrong With Your Workout Clothes

3 Major Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Workout Clothes

Remember that beautiful pair of leggings you frequently slipped into with confidence, or that perfectly fitting sports bra you owned in 6 different colours, that have since made its way to the donation pile way too quickly?

It’s a real shame to have to say goodbye to the gear you live and breathe in prematurely. You might not even realize that you’re caring for your workout clothes wrong, but we’re here to help you with that.

Here’s how to properly care for the activewear you can't live without.

Washing your gear the lazy way

Q: Why do my sports and gym clothes smell so bad, even after washing?

A: Many Singaporean households often combine clothing items of different types and colours to make up a full load of laundry. While that saves water and time, it also means that your activewear is thrown into the mix with fabric softener and excessive amounts of laundry detergent. And yes, that means you should wash your gym clothes separately.

Most fabric softeners contain ingredients that can leave a coating over your activewear. Its buildup will limit the breathability of the fabric and its ability to wick moisture, which is why you’ll notice a smell over time.

Stay away from heat and softeners to ensure longevity.

To prevent discolouration, wash all coloured clothing separately before the first wear. Place your gear in a washing net, and on delicate mode, if you are using the washing machine. 

Another easy trick you can use to protect your sportswear and gym gear? Flip them inside out before you place them into the washing machine.

Not only will that give them a more thorough wash, details printed on the outside will also last longer. 

Turning it up with heat

Q: Can I iron my sports clothes and activewear? How do I get wrinkles and creases out of my sports clothing? 

A: Perfecting the look of freshly washed workout clothes on the ironing board sparks joy for some, but it really is damaging your workout clothes over time. That goes the same for any heat-based dryer!

Keep sportswear pieces that contain nylon, spandex, or polyester, far away from heat as it will damage, warp and melt the fabric. The gear you adore will no longer fit like a dream. 

If you’re looking for a fuss-free option that will bring you that same amount of satisfaction, give our Kydra signature Kyro Range a shot. You’ll get ultra-smooth leggings that stretch and feel like a second skin, without running any risk of heat damage or looking like you slept in them.

On the other hand, natural heat from the sun is totally fine – in fact, we recommend it!

Sealing damp clothes

Q: I travel from workout to work a lot. What should I do with my sweaty clothes in between?

A: As fully packed as days can get, we understand how difficult it can be to dry your sweaty workout clothes if you routinely workout in the morning and only head home post-dinner.

Sometimes, dumping your workout clothes into a reusable pouch or a tote bag immediately seems like the quickest and only option – but it doesn’t have to be.

And you should definitely not reuse your workout clothes. Ever.

Drape your sweaty clothes over a rod in the shower to allow it some breathing room after your workout session. This will get rid of some odour and mildew-causing bacteria that can easily pile up.

At the end of your day, always take your workout clothes out of their bags and put them in the wash!

Bonus tip

Skip the white vinegar, fabric softener, triple washing and overnight soaking!

Instead, use a sports detergent specifically formulated for eliminating bacteria and dirt in close-knit fibres (aka your gym clothes). Treat your gear with the love it deserves and it will support you for a longer time!

The right sports detergent makes all the difference. Take a look at what your neighbourhood supermarkets have to offer. Chances are, your favourite detergent brands already carry a sports-specific detergent!

Now, you can sit back and wash your smelly workout clothes with a peace of mind.

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