Explore Your Wishlist | June 2022 Kydra

Explore Your Wishlist | June 2022

June 2022

Sometimes dreams do come true. We are bringing back sold-out crowd favourites and bestsellers in classic and new colourways. Elevate your athleisure game with these sports bras, tanks, leggings and biker shorts. Your next best movement never felt this strong.



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Limitless Tank KydraLimitless Tank Kydra
Limitless Tank 97 reviews
Sale price$42.00 SGD
Impact Bra KydraImpact Bra Kydra
Impact Bra 94 reviews
Sale price$60.00 SGD
Kyro 7" Pocket Shorts Shorts Kydra LavenderKyro 7" Pocket Shorts Shorts Kydra
Kyro 7" Pocket Shorts 78 reviews
Sale price$68.00 SGD
Thea Kyro Bra KydraThea Kyro Bra Kydra
Thea Kyro Bra 72 reviews
Sale price$60.00 SGD
Sierra Kyro Midline Bra KydraSierra Kyro Midline Bra Kydra
Sierra Kyro Midline Bra 69 reviews
Sale price$62.00 SGD
Demi V-Neck Tee tees Kydra CoralDemi V-Neck Tee tees Kydra
Demi V-Neck Tee 39 reviews
Sale price$45.00 SGD
Komi Leggings leggings Kydra RiversideKomi Leggings leggings Kydra
Komi Leggings 24 reviews
Sale price$88.00 SGD
Kyro Pocket Leggings II KydraKyro Pocket Leggings II Kydra
Kyro Pocket Leggings II
Sale price$92.00 SGD