5 Amazing Ways To Get That Motivation Going.

GET UP & GET OUT: Smashing Through a Workout Rut

Goals are important, but even more so in the new year. We're Seven months into 2018 and we'd just like to check in with your progress on those new year's resolutions. Are you still working on them or have you slowly slipped back into your old ways? It happens, we understand. 

But if you've promised yourself to smash out that body you've always wanted, to finally carve out those elusive abs, or to just be more active this 2018 - we're going to help you get back into the game. 

1. Change up the Beat 

Most of us work out with music and the fastest way to get pumped up again is to change up your workout playlist. Tip: Do a quick playlist search on Spotify to help you jazz up that personal playlist. If you don't already have a playlist that you work out to, create one! Everything feels better personalised.

2. Mixing it Up 

If you're doing the same exercises, same routine, same sequence at every session, chances are that you're going to get bored and unmotivated. Your body also stops changing once it has gotten used to the same intensity of the workout. 

Stimulate your muscles by changing up your routines every now and then and even attending different fitness classes to keep things interesting and fun. Working out doesn't have to be mundane and boring. There are many boutique gyms popping up on the island and most of them offer trial packages for first timers to these different studios. From yoga to spinning, you'll find that there are so many studios but so little time! Who knows, you might fall in love with something new. 

3. Grab somebody sexy, tell them hey!  

It's true. If you wanna go fast, go alone. But if you wanna go far, go together. Working out with a friend provides not only company and motivation but also accountability. Your sweat buddy's gonna keep you in check to your plans to make it to the gym or to class, and vice versa. Once you've both taken effort to work out a common time, it's very likely that you'll follow through with it. 

Not to mention, having that friend next to you to dig deep and find it in yourself to push you through that last few sets, makes all the difference.

4. Reignite that flame 

It's too cold, it's too hot, it's too late, it's too early, it's too far, I'm too tired. Haven't we all given ourselves those excuses before? It's easy to decide on those resolutions and goals but following through with them when things start to get busy is way harder. Not to worry, we got your back. If you need a little kick in the butt to get your engines moving again, try watching an inspirational movie or two and let yourself be inspired and motivated. Movies like Creed and Rocky always hits the spot and gets us fired up all over again. 

5. Treat yourself to some rad gear 

You already know this. The right fitness gear is going to help you turn that confidence right into performance. Wearing the right clothes not only protects your body from chaffing and can also prevent injuries from workouts. Support is extremely important and you don't have to sacrifice functionality for style. Enter Kydra's best sellers, the Thalia Flex Bra or the Vera Impact Bra, for the ladies. Both styles are made from the same buttery soft material, leaving you with a seamless finish, all the while providing maximum support and flexibility, whether you're stretching it out on the mat or lapping others on the track. 

We haven't forgotten about the dudes too. Kydra's specially engineered Flex Shorts have gone through countless hours of research and modifications to give you your favorite pair to be in. It boasts not only freedom in motion but a whole lot of functionality - fast drying material, built in tights, ventilation panels and pockets that make sure your stuff sits snugly as you move. When you feel good, you're going to be great. 

P.S.: Our gear make for fantastic presents! To your friends and yes, even to yourself. 

Let's stick it out with each other on our goals and intentions, #KydraSquad. Get up and get out, you got this. 

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