2022: The Year We Take Our Activewear To Work

2022: The Year We Take Our Activewear To Work

The past two years have drastically changed our view of work, comfort, and fashion. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing! What’s best is the new year brings the exciting opportunity to redesign the future of comfortable fashion, both inside the home and the workplace!

One thing we’re simply not willing to leave behind in 2021 is the rise of athleisure and athflow. As everyone embraced working from home, comfortable and loose-fitting clothes became the everyday norm.

As we slowly transition back to working from our offices in Singapore, we see no reason why you should leave your activewear at home!

What Does “Business Attire” Really Mean?

In the past, society has been too rigid with how we define “professional” or “work-appropriate” clothing. For young women primarily, business attire has meant muted shirts or semi-formal tops, paired with those quintessential black pants and perhaps a blazer for more significant days.

But one good thing about working from home (where you weren’t forced to dress up!) is that it showed us what work attire should really be, at its core - clothes that are comfortable and make you feel confident.

Don’t get us wrong at all - modesty and professionalism are still important aspects of business attire, but there are more ways to look “work-appropriate” than you might think!

So, How Formal Are Leggings?

Ah, the question that has divided the fashion community. Can leggings be considered work-appropriate?

For some, the instinct may be to say no, because leggings are close-fitting pants that you’ll generally see worn to the gym or around the house. But most of us just aren’t used to experimenting with the different ways you can dress up leggings!

It’s true, leggings are an integral part of athleisure and activewear, but that doesn’t mean that they should only be confined to the gym. Picture this - your favourite oversized patterned work shirt with a pair of leggings and moderate heels: a perfectly work-appropriate and effortlessly stylish outfit.

Are Leggings Formal Enough For The Workplace?Are Leggings Formal Enough For The Workplace?

In fact, we believe that leggings can work much better with most formal tops than loose-fitting pants and trousers. By balancing a flowy top with a comfortable and flattering pair of leggings, you’re creating a sense of symmetry and harmony in your outfit.

What’s our verdict? We believe that, yes, leggings can totally be work-appropriate. They can easily fall in the realm of business casual, just depending on how you dress them up.

The Caveat: Invest In A Good Pair of Leggings!

If you really want to make your activewear appropriate for the office, you need to invest in a stylish and well-made pair of leggings. An old or worn-out pair of cloth leggings just won’t cut it for the office, and they won’t exactly spell out professional!

The Caveat: Invest In A Good Pair of Leggings!The Caveat: Invest In A Good Pair of Leggings!

Our signature range of Kydra leggings effortlessly straddles the worlds of business and comfort. Designed with our signature quick-cool and lightweight Kyro fabric, our leggings look like they’re tailored to your body and are so versatile that they’re perfect for all occasions!

3 Ways To Make Activewear Work-Appropriate

If you need some convincing, here are three easy ways you can style your favourite Kydra leggings for office wear:

Kyro Rib Pocket Leggings +
Thea Kyro Rib Bra Set

Kyro Rib Pocket Leggings + Thea Kyro Rib Bra Set

Our Kyro Rib Pocket Leggings in Black are perfectly suitable for the workplace. They’re designed with functionality in mind, and you can stash your phone or earphones in the side pockets.

Pair this with our Thea Kyro Rib Bra in Black worn under an oversized shirt, and you’re golden! If you’re worried about chafing from wearing the Thea bra all day, don’t be - it’s designed with flat bra straps that have a supportive, anti-chafe finish.

Complete your office-ready look with any button-down, blouse or any Kydra tee, should your office have a casual dress code. Finish it off with a dark-coloured blazer and you'll be ready to dominate any boardroom.

Kyro Helix Leggings +
Ava Bra Set

Kyro Helix Leggings + Ava Bra Set

If pocket leggings aren’t quite for you and you’d like to feel equally supported throughout your workday (especially if you’re running around between meetings!), then our full-length Kyro Helix Leggings in Space Grey are perfect for you.

We recommend wearing these minimalistic leggings with our Ava Bra in the striking shade Yuzu.

Designed to enhance comfort, Ava features a clean-cut, flattering low back design and comfortable encased elastic straps. Wear the Ava bra under your favourite oversized shirt, and you’re golden!

Kyro Helix Leggings +
Odessa Crop Tee Set

Kyro Helix Leggings + Odessa Crop Tee Set

If you're all about making a statement with your dressed-up athleisure wear in the office, opt for a louder pop of colour!

Stand your ground with the Kyro Helix Leggings in Merlot and top it off with the Odessa Crop Tee in Black. 

Counter Odessa's cropped length with the high-waisted fit Kyro Helix has to offer and keep your arms covered with its cozy, extended sleeves.

Take it from us, you can't go wrong with a classic staple in a timeless shade.

2022 is the year we start focusing on ourselves - our wellness, our style, and most importantly, our comfort! What better way to do that than by reinventing fashion and embracing activewear as the newest and most versatile form of business casual?

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